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As an NLP master practitioner, confidence coach and mindset mentor my mission is to give people the tools to help them to overcome anxiety, low self esteem and self worth. To allow you to let go of feelings of imposter syndrome, overwhelm and worry, and replace them with resilience, growth mindset and the power of self belief…

This is achieved through group workshops, as well as individual sessions.

Individual Sessions

After your free discovery call to look at what may be causing you problems in your life, I will create an individual programme designed especially for you, working together to establish the root cause of what may be holding you back. You will then be given a series of NLP techniques to help you let go of feelings and habits that are no longer serving you well, and we will work together to instil new techniques to help you tap into your potential

I usually start each session by looking back at the time between each meeting and reflecting on what has been a success. We will also discuss what maybe hasn’t gone as well as you hoped and learn from these experiences.

You will be given exercises in our sessions that you can practice in your everyday life and over the weeks these build up to be tools you can use to help change the way you look at situations and re-evaluate your reactions.

You can book from three to five sessions as a block, up to a course of 10 sessions, which is our most popular option.

We usually find our clients prefer to meet every two weeks, but we are flexible and can do weekly or monthly appointments, should that be a better fit for you. This is your programme and your time to take control. We will support you in your journey however you would like.

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Group Sessions

Our group sessions are a guided programme with like minded people who are looking for ways to improve their lives. We explore feelings such as anxiety, overwhelm, worry & fear of the unknown, imposter syndrome and confidence & low self esteem. As a group we look at where these feelings come from and how to stop them from holding you back.

We all feel these feelings at some time or another. It is when these feelings stop us from living our lives the way we would like to, that they can become a problem. In the workshops we look at small changes you can make to your routines and habits that you can introduce, to help you live with these feelings and look at the outcomes from a different perspective. Using Positive Focus and Gratitude to help reframe your mindset you can learn to take back control. This may sound simple but it is very effective. The difficult part is putting this new mindset into practice, but with your group you do this together in a safe space to support each other with these changes.

The sessions are very much led by you, I just put questions to you that challenge your current thought process, the idea is you then build up your own ‘tool box’ so going forward when you face new challenges you can do this yourself.

Part of that is looking back at where ideas may have come from and ways to change these limiting beliefs, but mostly it is about understanding how and why we make the choices we do and then putting into place structures to make healthier choices going forward.

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Empowerment Event

Do you want the power to take control of your life?
Do you want the mindset to know you can achieve whatever you set your mind to?
Do you want to put those limiting beliefs behind you and step into your new life?
Read More

Then come to our Empowerment Night at Headlam Hall and be one of the FIRST EVER people to Fire Walk in the grounds of the hall…

A totally immersive experience from start to finish. Begin your journey by helping to build the fire, right through to walking on the embers, and so much more for you to learn in between…

So why do an Empowerment Fire Walk?
This activity, which was once considered as an ancient practice, is now embraced by people from all walks of life as a symbol of letting go of the past and stepping forward to your new life and the possibilities that lay ahead…

Records show that fire walking dates as far back as the Iron Age, where it is believed it originated in India and China, then spread to other parts of the globe such as Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Greece, South Africa & Fiji.
The Native American Indians used fire-walking as a Rite of Passage; as a show of an individual’s strength and courage. Polynesian and Hawaiian communities walked on fire as part of ceremonial healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
Doesn’t this just sound amazing?
Whatever your reason for wanting to come along, I promise this will change your life if you let it….

So what are you waiting for… register today and start living…

If it can go to a book here / payment link with this info:

Tickets are just £75 per person and include food and drink on the night. There will also be a little gift…

Spectators can come along and watch you do this amazing walk for just £35 also getting food and drink, and being able to share in the energy and power of the night when we all walk the embers and ignite our positive mindset. running until about 10pm.

If you want to make a night of it, and book yourself a room, Headlam Hall are offering an exclusive 10% off just say you are staying for the event when you book.

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