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This travel mug will keep your drink hot or cold for hours. The perfect companion to take with you wherever you go. In several options with your favourite quote.

[Can be personalised.]


Ta Da List Notebook

Use your very own Ta Da List Notebook to help celebrate all your achievements..

Whether you do it weekly, monthly or even daily.... it's a great way to tell yourself Well Done!


Free Tracker

A printable copy of my Mood Tracker to help you start to understand why you feel the way you to.



Beautiful affirmation tees & sweatshirts. A choice of long or short sleeve tee as well as snuggly comfy sweatshirt.


Key Chain

Remind yourself to always BE YOU & Believe in Yourself by keeping this pretty little affirmation on your keys & carrying it with you to read wherever you are.


Gratitude Journal

This journal will help guide you to reframing your mindset for more positive focus. Using a daily affirmation, celebrating yourself and practicing gratitude you will soon see things from a different perspective.


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